Artist Statement (General)

I am a Boston artist who does painting, drawing and animation. Most of my work is representational and combines drawing and painting processes.

I prefer to paint from life, but some pieces begin with media images that strike me visually and viscerally. A few years ago I became interested in how our attire affects our self-image, and I wondered how changing my painting clothes would affect my paintings. Self-portraits produced while wearing high heels and uncomfortable cocktail dresses were very different from those produced while wearing flat shoes and an Afghanistani burqa. This experiment led to a series of double-sided paintings with veiled self-portraits on the front and related images on the back, which hang either from the ceiling or from hinges on the wall. I credit Stephanie Sinclair’s photographs, Marjane Satrapi’s animation and graphic novels, Jean Sasson's and Azadeh Moaveni's books, and often uncredited images from the internet for reference and insight into an experience I will never fully understand as a Western woman.

When this subject matter gets too heavy, I paint my immediate surroundings and things that make me happy.
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