Artist Statement, January 2018

I am a Boston artist and instructor who paints, draws and animates. Most of my work is representational, combines drawing and painting techniques, and strives for a strong sense of character in its subjects. I like drawing and painting people, places and pets, and I like making animated shorts about people, places and experiences.

As an artist, I am drawn to the materiality of paint, paper, charcoal, canvas and wood. When I make animations, there is often no physical matter being moved across a surface, and I miss it. When I paint, I start to miss Adobe's Lasso, Transform, and Undo tools. I'm fascinated by the interplay between the two realms, and am constantly switching between the two.

I'm currently making thirty-four 16x20" oil paintings that will form the "refrain" of a poetic animated short celebrating vamps, vixens, and femmes fatales. The piece is inspired by Cher's V.A.M.P. skit from the 70s. Difficult Women goes in on February 22nd with a reception March 1st in the Gallery at 249 A Street, Boston. Details to follow!
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