Artist Statement, July 2022

I am a Boston artist with diverse interests, which is why I  paint, draw, animate, make stained glass windows and make music.

Most of my 2D work is representational, combines drawing and painting techniques, and strives for a strong sense of character in its subjects. I like drawing and painting people, places and pets, and I like making animated shorts about people, places, pets, and experiences.

Working with traditional media satisfies my desire to build physical things using my hands. I love the feel of paint, paper, charcoal, canvas and wood. I import and enhance some of that hand-made work in Adobe Photoshop, Animate, or After Effects, depending on what's needed to see an idea through and make it stronger.

After almost a year as a stained glass apprentice, I've returned full-time to my studio in Fort Point, where I look forward to trying a public art project or two in addition to portraits.