Animations + Animated Stills, 2018-19
A small sampling of animated images from the past year or so.
No sound yet.

Kiss Me a Lot, 2016
This animation is comprised of 65 drawings, 22.5x40" each, done in China marker, charcoal or marker, using Morrissey's video for his song, "Kiss Me a Lot" as reference. It is part of an ongoing series honoring musicians who are still with us.

Burqa Series (Installation View)
Installation at 319 A Street, Boston

Watering Hole
I designed characters, storyboarded and animated this sequence for Cartoon Network in (I believe) 2003 when I worked for Soup2Nuts Productions. Sean Hagan created the background art and Kim O'Neil was the creative director. We worked from an audio file provided by the Cartoon Network. I haven't been able to find info on voice talent or the script for this piece, but will gladly post credits in the future if I am able to find out.

Video Love Letter in a Language I Don't Understand
I saw a lot of music videos in Israel in the summer of 2008. This project was my response to being in a country for a month and understanding very little of the language. Music breaks through language barriers that frustrate and separate. When I was in Provincetown the following month, I listened to this Boaz Sharabi song many times, spelled out the lyrics phonetically, and made myself cue cards. I was fortunate enough to have friends/classmates Heather Hudson (on cue cards) and Felicia van Bork (camera) helping me. And yes, it's supposed to be kind of bad. Putting my hair behind my ear was the cue to change cards.
"Etsli Acol Beseder" is one of the few Hebrew phrases I did understand; it means "with me everything is fine."