Animations + Animated Stills, 2018-19
A small sampling of animated images from the past year or so.
No sound yet.

Kiss Me a Lot, 2016
This animation is comprised of 65 drawings, 22.5x40" each, done in China marker, charcoal or marker, using Morrissey's video for his song, "Kiss Me a Lot" as reference. It is part of an ongoing series honoring musicians who are still with us.

Burqa Series (Installation View)
Installation at 319 A Street, Boston

Watering Hole
I designed characters, storyboarded and animated this sequence for Cartoon Network in (I believe) 2003 when I worked for Soup2Nuts Productions. Sean Hagan created the background art and Kim O'Neil was the creative director. We worked from an audio file provided by the Cartoon Network. I haven't been able to find info on voice talent or the script for this piece, but will gladly post credits in the future if I am able to find out.